What is the Cost of a Digital Marketing Course?

This is your path to a career in digital marketing. In this program, you'll learn the most in-demand skills that can prepare you for work in less than 6 months. No previous experience is required to get started. Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing and e-commerce to acquire the necessary skills to get an entry-level job Attract and attract customers through digital marketing channels such as search and email Measure marketing performance through analysis and present information Create e-commerce stores, analyze online performance, and increase customer loyalty Improve your resume and LinkedIn with personalized feedback Practice your skills with interactive tools and mock interviews Plan your career change with Coursera's job search guide Connect with more than 150 U.

S. UU. You'll learn from Google subject matter experts and have the opportunity to create your own portfolio with projects such as client characters and social media calendars to show them to potential employers. See all Google professional certificates here Opens in a new tab.

This program does not contain sensitive information. All of the Google Search features that are taught are publicly available. You can get more information in the official Google Search documentationOpens in a new tab. This program includes more than 190 hours of practice-based instruction and assessments, which simulate real digital marketing and e-commerce scenarios that are critical to success in the workplace.

The content is highly interactive and has been developed by Google employees with experience in the field. Through a combination of videos, assessments, and hands-on activities, you'll learn how to use the most popular tools and platforms needed for an entry-level position. Learn the specific skills that top employers are hiring for at this time. Define the fields of digital marketing and e-commerce Describe the job responsibilities of an entry-level digital marketing and e-commerce specialist Understand the elements and objectives of a digital marketing and e-commerce strategy Recognize strategies for creating brand awareness among potential customers Explain the purpose of SEO (search engine optimization) and essential SEO terms Optimize website content for SEO Understand search engine marketing (SEM) and how it benefits companies Define social media marketing and describe its purpose Define the objectives of a social media campaign Write, design and reuse engaging content for social networks Understand how email marketing fits into a digital marketing strategy Write an email preview text, subject and text Evaluate, execute and optimize an email marketing campaign Measure and analyze the results of the email campaign Define the planning and media strategies Describe what defines a successful marketing campaign Evaluate metrics based on performance objectives and make adjustments to a budget or marketing strategy Create presentations and reports to update stakeholders on the progress or success of a marketing campaign and important information Understand essential e-commerce strategies and practices Explain what e-commerce stores and platforms are and how they work Create an engaging customer experience online using best practices Create a simulated e-commerce store with Shopify Identify common strategies to promote customer loyalty in e-commerce Successfully manage customer relationships and measure satisfaction Find, apply for, and prepare for interviews and jobsGrow with Google is an initiative that builds on Google's decades of history of creating products, platforms, and services that help people and businesses grow.

Our goal is to help everyone, both the people who make up today's workforce, as well as those who will boost tomorrow's workforce, access the best training and tools from Google to develop their skills, careers, and businesses. Upon completing this professional certificate, you will be able to earn college credit if you are admitted and enroll in one of the following online degree programs: ¹ Global Campus of the University of Maryland; University of Massachusetts; unlimited global access to more than 7000 first-class courses; hands-on projects; work-readiness certification programs; all included in your subscription; Get a degree from top-tier universities: 100% online; Improve your employees' skills to excel in the digital economy. This course is delivered completely online, so there's no need to show up to a classroom in person. You can access videos, readings, hands-on activities, and assessments anytime and anywhere via the Internet, on a computer or on a mobile device.

Digital marketing

is about connecting people with brands online.

Digital marketers use social networks, graphic advertising, email, search engines, as well as other online channels to attract customers, engage them in conversations, encourage them to make purchases, as well as build loyalty. E-commerce refers to trading goods or services over the Internet. E-commerce uses online platforms to buy or sell products or services; including designing an online store; preparing product listings; conducting market research; fulfilling orders; analyzing store performance; etc. We highly recommend taking all seven courses in this certification program in order as they are presented since content is based on information from previous courses.

Digital marketers

help companies reach out to customers; create awareness; drive sales; promote brand loyalty; measure; manage; analyze effectiveness of campaigns; as well as e commerce sites so companies can achieve their broader objectives.

E commerce specialists help design; create; manage online stores; evaluate success of online stores in boosting sales or other customer actions; etc. Google professional certificates are designed to prepare you for an entry level position in employment fields such as data analysis; digital marketing; e commerce IT support project management; UX design; etc. By obtaining a professional certificate from Google such as this one graduates in U. S will have option to share their information with major U.

S employers that hire entry level professionals such as Deloitte Macy's Infosys Walmart & Google Employer consortiums are currently available only in U. S.

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